I am in the process of writing, researching, compiling and editing a book. The title is not decided, “A Safety Professional & Superintendent’s Guide to Industrial Hygiene in Construction“. kinda long, and probably too general. Send me your suggestions.

The point of the book will be a field guide with practical suggestions, hints, tips and secrets to safely run a project with regards to health & industrial hygiene. It will NOT be a detailed, big words, complicated, mathematical, typical nerdy hygiene book (no offense, ’cause I can nerd-out too). I anticipate this book being used by:

  • owners,
  • safety directors,
  • safety coordinators,
  • superintendents,
  • project managers,
  • estimators, and
  • project engineers

On the job, if you run across a construction health hazard, this book will be a quick reference to accurately obtain the information necessary. You can go into the owners meeting with knowledge and insight. I wouldn’t be surprised if this book helps you win projects. This book will tell you what to ask of your subcontractors, owners, and generals. 

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