My friend, Shelley, sent me these pictures of a city maintenance crew hanging up the Christmas decorations in town. These guys have probably been working this way for years. What will take to make them change? Administrative controls? As I’ve mentioned before, falls are the #1 killer in construction.


The new global harmonization system (GHS) is officially adopted by OSHA. Each state run program is rolling out their acceptance of the new changes. Where I live, we have until December 2013 to train employees in this new type of hazard communication.

Honestly, I’m NOT too EXCITED about it. But, I’m trying to have a good attitude. Below are some good things which may occur:

  • Raise the level of awareness of hazardous materials & their toxicity
  • Train employees (hopefully, retrain) on how to handle chemicals
  • More training = less citations. (?) OSHA’s top ten citations include #3 – hazard communication. Maybe people will actually do the training?! (my guess is that there will be more citations)
  • Consistent information worldwide.  All UN countries should have the same format. (this might take years)
  • Proprietary information will be more visible on the SDS. In the new rules, manufacturers are required to list the % of their proprietary ingredients.
  • Pictograms! They’re so cool. My favorite is the exploding person.
  • Maybe this is my favorite?!: Manufacturers will have to look again at their products and classify them according to the physical & health criteria. Nowadays with more relevant information from worldwide occupational exposure limits, it might help make employers aware of the hazards.
    • This might help OSHA enforce newer exposure limits (other than the 1978 AGCIH TLVs).

How do you plan on training your employees? If you need help, contact me here.



At times we get a glimpse at different perspectives. I saw two pictures this week which reminded me of what an amazing time and place we live.

Indonesia men mine inside a live volcano (I believe for gold) and will likely live to the age of 30. Link to MSN picture here.

Alternatively, I saw this corn maze.

We are blessed to live in a historically great period & location.  If given the chance, I wonder if the working men in Indonesia would vote?  Make your voice heard. Vote!