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  • I really find your posts helpful and have even forwarded them to supers at work. Keep up the good work! – Tom A. (Winchester, VA)
  • Very good blog post. I just bookmark your site in addition to would like to say that I have truly enjoyed while reading through your articles. Thank you for spreading the knowledge with all.Leesa S.
  • I was originally looking for what happened in (i forgot the state) during the “industrial leakage” of the said compound, and i just happened to find this. it filled me up with my questions…and refreshes my memory of our HS Chemistry. thanks! – Eduard B.
  • Great work keep it comingRon T.
  • Hi, I’ve been reading your blog for a year or so and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it. I really admire your work; it is obvious from your posts that you have a lot of practical experience; it’s great to learn from someone who actually gets out into the field, I have a lot of respect for that. I’m always excited to see a new post by you, I learn something every time I read it.  Keep up the good work!  – Teresa W.
  • Just wanted to say Thank You! I first learned of the OSHA Stand -Down from your email. We participated and received our Participation Certificates. Much appreciated. -John Schilling,  Safety Coordinator