OSHA states that:

  • Medical exam – must be completed prior to wearing a respirator. The individual must be examined again if there are significant changes to their medical/respiratory system.
  • Fit Testing– this must be performed yearly (either qualitative or quantitative fit test, depending on the respirator) and be performed for each type of respirator worn (not for each filter used)
  • Fit Checks- these are performed every time an individual puts on a respirator. Cover the inlets and breathe in (mask should collapse). Cover the exhale valve and breathe out (mask should expand)

Individual cards for employees are not required. Sometimes, when filing the medical exam, the physician/medical reviewer, will not require the individual to come into the office. As a best practice, I would have every employee fill out the paperwork and see someone in the medical office. Employees have every reason to want to pass this “exam” and they may leave out things on the written exam that are easily discovered (or may be obvious) when someone sees them in person.