Do you measuring dust on your project/ workplace? If you are a safety professional and you are self-performing this type of sampling here are some tips.

  • Measure for the full shift (including prep and clean up) – clean up can be the worst
  • Depending on the type of dust, you might need to measure by either respirable, or inhalable (IOM) methodology.  -more on this at a later date
  • Watch the dust filter build-up. You might want to change the filter out so as not to overload the cassette. Especially during clean-up.
  • Have you checked for metals? Many types of dust can contain metals. Ask the laboratory for assistance.
  • Consider the placement of the sampling filter. Do you want it downwind? On the collar? Is it on the best employee for sampling?
  • Do you perform an area sample? These are not usually recommended, but sometimes they can give you great information.
  • Information. Capture all the information that might be important to this sampling. Time, humidity, temperature, controls (or lack of), open doors/windows, employee practices, etc.