You probably already knew this. Risk changes over time.

As we start to measure, and value, loss we immediately want to minimize it. However, it’s an unobtainable goal. “Zero losses”. Really? It’s not actually possible, you know (at least in the long term).

Look at this graph of the number of deaths in the US over the years due to silica. In 1968 we had approximately 1,000 deaths. Now, in the year 2005, we are less than 200. Yet, OSHA wants us to lower the exposure limit.  (I am personally not opposed to it – but I am open to debate about it, really)

Our world is becoming smaller. But, you already knew this, too.

To give an example, look at what happened in Bangladesh on November 24/25, 2012. Meanwhile in the US, we were watching football and eating leftover turkey.  Over 100 people died due to safety concerns that turned into a fire. This country is going through what the US experienced pre-1970. Other countries have similar problems.

I suppose living in the US is a yet another reason for thanksgiving. Yes…, But.  What can you do to make the biggest impact? I don’t have the answer, but, I am open to suggestions.