AIHA has released (2013) a white paper for guidelines on skills & competencies in silica specific to construction. It is a great outline for training your employees.

Some interesting points:

  • Respiratory protection, and their respective assigned protection factor is mentioned. (Are you wearing the right respirator?)
  • There is no mention of air sampling. Thank you. You do not need air sampling every-time, we already know it’s hazardous.
  • They emphasize control measures for silica.

Another recent publication from IRSST in Canada explains the effectiveness of controls with regard to specific tools and where exposures are found in the industry. It has a lot of information, but if you are looking for the best method to control dust with a certain tool, it would be worthwhile to read the 108 page document.

silica- IIRST graph


The best resource for silica is You can create a plan for controlling it here. They have a database of tools & controls. Very handy. Someday soon we may see 3D printers able to make these dust controls and adapters for us at a moments notice. Until then, pre plan your task.