There are many distinct, separate, and important issues when entering a confined space. The point I would like to make is, as a manager of “safety” , Do you allow your employees to enter a confined space?

Most employers do (with consent, acquiesce ). Below are some questions to consider.

  • Do employees know what a confined space is? (see OSHA definition)
  • Do they know if it is a permit required space?
  • Have they been trained? (this is a separate question)
  • Do you control the space? What about the space around it? (what about the space where the air/water comes from?)
  • Would you allow any employee to enter?
  • Who would you NOT allow? (subcontractors? safety personnel? inspectors?)
  • What paperwork/training would you want to see if you did allow these people to enter?

The management of confined spaces is by far the most critical piece. The space could be as innocent as a treehouse, or as dangerous as sewer hole immediately dangerous to life and health.