I was requested to perform training for a management team (VPs, Estimators, Superintendents, PMs, PEs) on health topics. The request was specific: asbestos, lead, silica and mold/ IAQ (indoor air quality). I was given an hour, which is hardly enough time. However, the audience took well to it.  I was impressed with the questions and discussion that followed the training. Here are some highlights from that training that the management team adopted as policy. Most of these can be considered tips for good management of IH programs.


  • Before the project begins we will have (in writing) an asbestos survey
  • As a contractor you typically sub the abatement work
  • Employees need awareness training at some level (usually class IV)
  • Any asbestos found is to be sampled (by an inspector) and NOT to be touched


  • Before the project begins we will have (in writing) a lead survey of the building
  • As a contractor we must manage lead on the project (no abatement usually)
  • Any lead found on the jobsite WILL BE controlled
  • Employees need awareness training – site specific
  • Lead ACTIVITY (s)  must be characterized and assessed for possible exposures – and further steps


  • There is/will be silica on our jobsite
  • We WILL take steps to control the silica exposure when it occurs
  • Employees will be trained as to the dangers of silica


  • We will manage any mold/fungus found onsite
  • We will have a plan for how we handle the situation as we arises
  • We will be sensitive to any health or mold/fungus concerns