To summarize,  there is no real quick-fix to this type of industrial hygiene assessment. Depending on what type of spray finishing you are performing- will depend on how to proceed. Here are some things to look during your assessments of these areas:

  • air flow across the face of the spray area should be at least 100 feet per minute
  • review the MSDS for the products you spray, and the solvents, thinners, and A+B parts-everything.
  • check the filters – are there scheduled changes? a manometer in place and used?
  • no flammables should be inside the booth area
  • watch the flow of work- usually there can be improvements- as well as lessons to learn
  • is the employees’ skin protected during spraying? (obviously not in the picture-right)
  • where does the waste (left over) spray product go?
  • ask employees about concerns and health issues

Typically respirators are worn in the spray finish areas. This list is not complete, but for starter, check:

  • what type of respirators are being worn? Are they protective enough?
  • what type of cartridges are used? Are they changed regularly?
  • are there scheduled change out times for their cartridges? where is that posted?
  • where are their respirators stored?