There are some items you need to do BEFORE you wear a respirator. If you are using it on a voluntary basis, go here.

  1. obtain medical approvalfor employees to wear a respirator
  2. have a fit test performed
    • qualitative fit test unless you wear a full face mask, or a type better than this
    • my favorite choice is irritant smoke, but it could also be saccharine, isoamyl acetate (banana), or Bitrex (R).
  3. get trained. Learn how to:
    • clean it
    • store it
    • know what your respirator can’t protect you from
    • choose the right cartridges
    • know when you have break through
    • fit check (different than a fit test -BTW)

Wondering how often you must update the above steps? Go here. There are more steps to having a respiratory program, but you must do these things before you start.