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chippingYes, there can be airborne silica in the concrete when you are chipping up motar & tiles from a concrete base. This week a friend told me about his neighbor. He is a self-employed tile setter. He has worked in the industry for 20+ years. They just discovered he has cancer and will have the upper portion of his lungs removed.

Go here for more information. NPR article on silica rule delay.



The Oregon GOSH (Govener’s Occupational Safety & Health) Conference is coming March 4-7, 2013. This is a great opportunity to get some information, education, and networking.

My suggestion is to attend the Tuesday and Wednesday sessions and cram-in as much as you are able. My break-out course is hidden well in the schedule, and will be easy to miss due to the other great sessions going at the same time. But, this is why I put a lot of my information on this website!


Hope to see you there.