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I’ll admit it. My elevator pitch is not the best. I have a hard time trying to briefly describe what I do as an industrial hygienist. I usually answer the question with a recent example of a interesting project.

What would you hire an industrial hygienist for? Well, this article describes exactly when you would hire one. I bet the haz mat crew has at least one hygienist investigating this concern.

AIHA has published video on what IHs do and our job function (s). They did a much better job than I could have done, but, the video is NOT as exciting as real-life.





The new standard for material safety data sheets (MSDS) which incorporate the global harmonization system (GHS) rules are coming.

Federal OSHA has approved the rules, and in our state, Oregon, they have been proposed, with an adoption to take place in December 2013.

It’s time to panic!… No. Not really.

Most employers will have until December of 2013 to implement the rules. OSHA will be publishing additional (and hopefully, helpful) information on what to do. For most employers it will mean you need to do a few major things:

  • Train your employees on the new rules
  • Reclassify (rename) the hazards, mainly the flammable ones, which have changed the most.

If you really need help with this, or feel like you can’t wait until OSHA publishes more information, email or find me here and we can discuss.

1. To better understand the levels of exposure(s).

    •  avoid possible exposures to employees, document the non-exposure, show how safely you can perform the work

2. To save $.

    • Avoid OSHA fines, worker compensation claims, avoid lawsuits, reduce liability

3. To go “Green”.

    • reduce airborne emissions, remove harmful chemicals from the environment & employees, recycle & reuse emissions

4. To increase employee morale.

    • investigate employee concerns, change environmental conditions to avoid exposures, increase employee involvement, reduce disgruntlement

5. Increase efficiency.

    • doing the job right-the first time, less overhead, better prepared for the project and future projects